Tomorrow’s Lawyers Became Free Legal Aid Trainers

On October 27, 2018, a second cycle of cascade training on the development of sosk skills and skills of working with vulnerable groups of clients within the System of Free Legal Aid System Provision (FLA), was completed.

Starting in July, with the support of the “Quality and Affordable Legal Aid in Ukraine” (QALA) Project and in partnership with the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision, 22 trainings were held, in which 320 lawyers took part who provide free legal aid to vulnerable groups in all regions of Ukraine.

Among other trainers of this course were tomorrow’s lawyers, namely: Volodymyr Bondar, Tamara Bugayets, Lyudmila Grytsenko, Artem Donets, Denys Linchevsky, Andriy Milanych, Khrystyna Kit, Volodymyr Kondur, Natalia Radushinska, Andriy Sitnikov, Mykola Stoyanov, Yevhen Shara and Roman Shpirka. We are proud of you!

Soft skills training is a unique product, developed by a team of experts and aimed at enhancing practical skills of working with vulnerable groups of clients, in particular, establishing effective communication, empathic listening, interviewing and counselling, etc. In addition, the participants of the trainings learn to take into account ethical and value based principles while working with clients. Such approach serves as a basis for quality legal assistance and protection of human rights.


Dear participants, the “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program will be happy to receive and share with the entire community of the Program your success stories and professional life events. Please email us at:

The “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program is a powerful network of lawyers, uniting leaders of the legal profession, who provide legal assistance in accordance with the highest ethical standards, are agents of change in society and leaders in the professional community.

The “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program was developed during 2016-2017 with the support of the “Quality and Accessible Legal Aid in Ukraine” Project with an expert contribution from the Canadian Bar Association. The “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program is being implemented by the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Bar Association of Legal Aid Providers, with the support of the United States Embassy and the Quality and Accessible Legal Aid in Ukraine (QALA) Project funded by the Government of Canada and implemented by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).