Second Hundred of Participants to Start Training

On December 15-17, 2017, the fifth group (G5) of the “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program opened the training  year of the second hundred of participants and passed the first module devoted to building effective communication with the client.

The module’s opening was attended by Program Manager Andriy Vyshnevskiy and Denys Bugay, the retired President of the Ukrainian Bar Association. The module was also attended by the Chair of the Board of the Bar Association of Legal Aid Providers Victoriya Mitko, Program Manager and Legal Council to the US Embassy in Ukraine Olena Kustova and Project Manager of The Quality and Accessible Legal Aid in Ukraine Oksana Kikot.

During the first module, the participants elaborated such important topics for building attorney-client relations as establishing two-way communication, interviewing and counseling the client, case planning and building  strategy in courts with the aim of providing quality legal assistance, the ethics of communication with the client and the duties of the lawyer before the client. Participants also explored the role of lawyer in promoting equal access to justice and learning to manage emotions and stress.

During the training, the trainer Irina Gluschenkova worked with the participants. The experts of the Program were accompanied by Olga Zhukovska, Volodymyr Sushchenko and Yulia Lisova.

G5 participants shared their impressions on the results of the first module:

“As it turned out, the bar is a very profound profession. Especially in terms of working with a client. My work as a lawyer to the program is just an iceberg of opportunities, and most importantly the duties of a lawyer. From here I’m going with a feeling of being a new lawyer. ”

“I understand why the program is so called. We definitely have what to change in the bar, that is, to ourselves. We have almost never learned how to work with a client. Unfortunately, we have hardly used the rules of ethics during our work. Both of these issues did not pay attention to the universes. It is also important that there are many like-minded people with whom I have been able to share the values ​​of the advocacy of the future. ”

The photo-report is available by the link.