Target Audience

Advocates from all over Ukraine:

  • daring, ambitious and proactive;
  • ready to provide legal assistance in accordance with the highest ethical standards;
  • open to advanced improvement themselves and the justice system;
  • ready to contribute to democratic reforms.

Participation Benefits:

Enroll if you wish to improve the following skills:

  • effective communication with the client, the opponent party and the legal community;
  • legal analysis and legal writing;
  • managing emotions and negotiating skills;
  • effective leadership and change management;
  • media communication and advocacy campaigns to support ideas;
  • access to new knowledge and information;
  • strong working relationships in a community of like-minded professionals, including graduates of previous years;
  • organizational and methodological support in the implementation of socially useful initiatives;
  • media support

Structure and Training Modules of the Program

The program consists of the following training modules:

  1. Working with the client.
  • Relations management and effective communication. Interview with a client and clarifying the role of lawyer.
  • Ethics of communication with the client, the lawyer’s duties before the client.
  • Providing advice to the client and reporting to the client.
  • Managing emotions and stress.
  • The role of a lawyer in promoting equal access to justice.
  1. Interaction of the lawyer with the court and within the justice system.
  • Establishing effective communication with procedural opponents and the court. Ethics of communication;
  • Managing toxic and complex communication;
  • Conflict of interest through the rules of ethics;
  • Effective arguments in court;
  • Conflict management and communication with an aggressive party;
  • Mediation: lawyer as a party representative in mediation process.
  1. Communication in the legal community.
  • Leadership and effective negotiations;
  • Mentoring and coaching;
  • Continuous professional development. Independence of the lawyer.
  • Interaction with state authorities and advancement of changes in the field of justice in the interests of society – how to become agents of change. Best World Practices.
  1. Public relations and media.
  • Communicating the rule of law principles and promoting equal access to justice and the necessary reforms.
  • Effective oral and written communication with various media.
  • Working with public opinion. Professionalism and publicity. Working with mass media on matters of public interest.
  • Social media
  • Advocacy

5. Legal analysis and legal writing

  • Analysis and legal writing based on the structure of the legal norm
  • Forms of organization of legal analytical text
  • Arguments to the contrary, facts.
  • Legal writing skills.

Also during 2019 for participants and graduates of previous Program cycles (selection procedure or free registration apples) optional inter-module events will be carried out:

  • Philosophy of law
  • Legal ethics
  • Work in the court session
  • Mediation

Training Schedule

Each module lasts for three days, normally from Friday thought Sunday, once per three month.

The annual training schedule is published no later than one month before the beginning of the first training.

Terms of participation

The Program provides participants with educational materials, accommodation and nutrition during the training modules. The Participant of the Program shall independently arrange for his/her travel to the training venue, this cost being a personal contribution to the Program. Travel costs are not covered by the organizers.

Participation in all training modules is mandatory. Selective attendance or absence from classes is not allowed and shall be the ground for exclusion from the Program.

To be admitted to the Program, the participant must comply with the Terms of Participation in the “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program.

Requirements for Program Participants:

We welcome to apply lawyers from all over Ukraine who:

  • have the right to practice law/admitted to the Bar;
  • active in public and social life;
  • conscious and responsible leaders, ready to work on improving the legal system of Ukraine.
  • have own vision and ideas for the justice sector reforms;
  • involved in the reforming and improving the provision of legal aid in Ukraine;

Submission Date

Application submissions schedule: 24:00 – 25 January 2019.


Address: 5 Mezhygirska Street, office 15, 3 floor, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Telephone: +38 (044) 222 50 68.