Date 24.05.2021
Location Kyiv, Pravokator Club
Registration Registration closed
Category of participants Newly appointed PGO prosecutors

Training on Emotional Intelligence for PGO Prosecutors (Group 5)


As part of the program of development of personal competencies (soft skills) of prosecutors, on May, 24 2021, fifth group of newly appointed prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office, who were appointed to positions in September 2020, received training on emotional intelligence developed exclusively by NGO “Tomorrow’s Lawyer”. The trainings were a continuation of the first part of the program, which was held between March 15-19, 2021.

During the training, prosecutors worked together with trainers and experts on the following topics:

  • Acquaintance, knowledge update about emotions and feelings, their differentiation and classification;
  • Development of reflection skills, awareness, recognition and expression of own emotions and feelings;
  • Formation of the ability to consciously regulate one’s own emotional state through mastering certain techniques of self-regulation in cases related to professional activities;
  • Learning to identify the emotions of other people, communication partners in personal and professional life.

The program was developed by a team of trainers and experts from the NGO “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” with the support of the Law Enforcement Division (INL) of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Trainings are held in the PRAVOKATOR Legal Club of the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision and the Training Centre of Prosecutors of Ukraine.