Date 05.02.2020 - 06.02.2020
Location Puscha Congress-Hotel, Kyiv
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Category of participants Participants and Graduates of the Program

Training on IHL “Russian Aggression and International Humanitarian Law.”

On February 5-6, 2020, the Tomorrow’s Lawyer Program, with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine, is conducting an intermodular event – training on international humanitarian law on “Russian aggression and international humanitarian law.”

The training, in particular, includes the following issues:

  • IHL stories (wars in the history of mankind and how the rules of warfare were created);
  • The concept and structure of IHL, Principles of IHL, Application on a temporal and territorial basis;
  • Types of armed conflicts (international; non-international; mixed; occupation; annexation);
  • Crimea (beginning of the armed conflict, qualification; parties to the armed conflict; responsibilities of the occupying state);
  • Moderated discussion: Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court;
    East (practice: conflict qualification; parties to armed conflict)
  • National practice (Articles 110 – encroachment on territorial integrity; 111 – treason, 438 – violation of the laws and customs of war);
  • Connection of IHL with other areas: Intenational criminal law, International Human Rights Law.

The training was developed by trainers and experts together with the Program team. The author’s materials of the training experts of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union for trainers in International Humanitarian Law were used in the development of the training.

The trainers and experts of the intermodule training were trainers in International Humanitarian Law prepared by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union:

ANDRII YAKOVLYEV – Lawyer, participant of the third season of the Tomorrows’ Lawyer Program, trainer in International Humanitarian Law. Since 2017 he has been engaged in human rights activities. He cooperates with the Center for Strategic Affairs of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the regional “Human Rights” center; he has practical experience in representing the interests of victims of armed conflict in the European Court and at the national level.

ANASTASIYA MARTYNOVSKA – lawyer, Head of the Human Rights Organization “Regional Center for Human Rights”, which specializes in resolving complex legal issues arising from the occupation of the Crimean peninsula. As a lawyer for the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union since 2014, she specializes in filing complaints with the European Court of Human Rights regarding human rights violations in uncontrolled territory, mentoring Crimean lawyers and attorneys responsible for the Crimean Center for Strategic Affairs.

ROMAN MARTYNOVSKYI – lawyer, leading expert of the human rights organization “Regional Center for Human Rights”. Chair of the Board of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation. Member of the Working Group on Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories in the Legal Reform Commission. He has experience in dozens of seminars and trainings for lawyers, judges, prosecutors, human rights defenders and civil servants. About 20 years of experience in representing interests in the European Court of Human Rights and experience in preparing and submitting reports to the International Criminal Court in the context of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied territory of Crimea.