Date 12.06.2019
Location 3 Dorogozhytska Street, UNIT City, Kyiv
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Category of participants Participants and Graduates of the Program

Training “Open Data and Systematization of Legal Work”

Intermodular training for the gradutes and participants of the Program “Open Data and Systematization of Lawyer’s Work” will be held on June 12, 2019 in Kyiv with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

The following issues will be considered at the training:

  • Automation of legal routine;
  • Systematization of judicial and contractual work;
  • Effective search and use of open data;
  • Work with public information, open registers and other services for lawyers;
  • Rules for embedding open data in work processes;
  • Systematization of work and planning;
  • Use of practical tools and their significance for advocacy;
  • Approaches to configuring databases (Notion, Confluence, Wikipedia), task trackers (Notion, Trello, Asana, Jir) and programs to speed up printing and proofreading, for example Textexpander
  • Glavred tool;
  • and other interesting technological services that help ypu work efficiently and save your time.

Adherence to the rules of the Tomorrow’s Lawyer Program is a mandatory condition for participation in the intermodule event: obligatory presence and active participation during the whole training time and all training hours. The training will last from 9:30 to 19:00. Note that the end time may shift depending on the dynamics of the group.

We invite participants of three hundred of the Tomorrow’s Lawyer Program to the intermodule training. To participate, please fill out the registration form at the link above. Please note that a total of 20 people will be able to take part in this event. We will be grateful if you carefully compare your plans for June, plan your visit to Kyiv and think about other details of participation in the intermodule event.

By filling out this form, you confirm your participation in the intermodule training. In addition, after completing the questionnaire, your participation in the training is mandatory. Registration will be closed automatically after the completion of the questionnaire by 20 participants.

ATTENTION: to participate in the training you will need a laptop to work during the day. Participation without a laptop is not possible. If possible, please bring extension cords.

Intermodule trainers will be:

Andriy Udovychenko, CPO “Bot & Partners”, Speaker of the Third Annual Conference of Graduates and Participants of the “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program: “Legal Profession: Futuristic View”;

Mykyta Pidhainy, Lawyer at Opendatabot, CEO at Bot & Partners, Speaker of the Third Annual Conference of Graduates and Participants of the “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” Program: “Legal Profession: Futuristic View”.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Victoria, Assistant of the Tomorrow’s Lawyer Program, at: or, as a matter of urgency, at +38 099 525 37 70